🌿”A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu🌿


My day began here…

A lonely table calling out my name. Begging to be dined on. Of Course I had only planned on having a cucumber, mint, and Limon water. (Typical to Mexico,  a “water” consist of blending some type of fruit with water and sugar.)  But then I started reading the menu, and I guess my mind ran a million directions and I ended up with not only a flavored water and a coffee…

But also enchiladas…(No complaints here!) Enchiladas in Mexico are a bit different than their American counterparts. Corn tortillas are heated over a grill until  flexible enough to handle. They are then stuffed and wrapped like the below or folded in half, and then topped with salsa, creama, queso, and onion. It’s definitely more of a “fresh” approach versus casserole like.

Tea Connection:
Vicente Suárez 38
Hipódromo Condesa 06170, México DF.

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