🌿 “Behind the hum and routine of daily living, there lay a persistent and wild longing for something she could not easily put into words. It felt like impulsive adventures and watching the sun rise over unfamiliar mountains, or coffee in a street café, set to the background music of a foreign language. It was the smell of the ocean, with dizzying seagulls whirling in a cobalt sky; exotic foods and strange faces, in a city where no one knew her name….” John Mark Green 🌿


I feel like a London coffee concierge desk because honestly, I’ve been to so many coffee shops in London! Each one has its own charm and style, so it’s hard to introduce the world to just one favorite. Of course I am always broadening my coffee shop horizons, but below are a few of my favorites.

Flat White Soho


Tube: Piccadilly Circus or Tottenham Court Road

Recommendation: Soy latte & avocado toast with poached eggs

This little Australian joint is nestled in the heart of soho. Round tables are aligned along a wooden bench for the perfect indoor view. The staff is hipster and fun, and the food is spot on. Definitely my favorite coffee shop in London.



Brown & Rosie


Tube: South Kensington

Recommendation: Avocado & tomato toast with poached eggs and a flat white

Brown and Rosie is light and airy inside with its large windows overlooking the cobble stone streets. Although their coffee is Australian inspired, the cafe definitely has a “Parisian getwaway” feel to it.



Soho House


Tube: Tottenham Court Road

Recommendation: Flat white

This charming house is conveniently nestled near the 20th Century Fox Studio and is very incognito with its hidden door. Walking in feels like you’re being swept into a movie, with its romantic fireplaces, open garden, and charming waitstaff. Ironically, and unfortunately, this is a private club for those in the film and media industry. However, you just never know who you’ll meet!



Taylor St Baristas


Tube: Bank

Recommendation: Yogurt, compote, & granola bowl with a soy latte

After a few wrong turns, I finally stumbled into this rustic and busy place. If I were a writer, this would be my hang out. I just love the trendy menu, wooden tables, large windows, and coziness.





Tube: Bank

Recommendation: Yogurt, milk, & granola tray with a soy latte or tea

This is definitely a “city” coffee shop. It’s full of busy people who are their for work meetings or grabbing a quick coffee on their way in to work. Regardless, still great coffee and has a local flair.



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