🌿”You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” Julia Child🌿

I kinda fell off the boat so now I am trying redeem myself a little.  Three weeks of no running, crazy how the time flies, and I feel like a little chubster! The problem is, and always has been, that when I stop running, my sweet tooth goes crazy and I just can’t help myself.  I smell a warm Chocolatine and my mouth waters, I see a kid with a chocolate ice cream cone and I want to fight him for it  i’m actually serious, I have a choice of a warm baguette or a wheat tortilla, and I am sure you can guess which one I chose!

 It’s just not me! Really it’s not but it’s as if some little devil turned off my sensible gene.  

 I can’t believe I am even saying this …

So last night I was walking by the ice cream shop, and I told myself,  “Self, look, we can’t do these sneaky chocolate ice cream cones anymore.  It’s just not fair.  The banana yogurt was ok, but really chocolate, or shall I say double chocolate in a waffle cone?!  It’s just not ok. Even when you’re running and burning a trillion calories, we need to be more sensible in our splurges.  So your done. NO MORE. NADA. COMPRENDE? “

And I just couldn’t stop myself. Really I couldn’t.  My mind kept walking straight towards the house, but those stupid feet turned right into that damn ice cream shop! It’s not my fault I am forced to walk by it every day on my way home! But then I looked up just as I was reaching for the door and guess what? No lights! My little humble estates was closed due to the rain! Geez am I the only one who eats ice cream in the rain?

 And here’s the big story clencher…

I thanked God for closing the store and showing me a “sign” that it was time to kill my little sweet sin.

Shall I repeat, I GAVE THANKS!!! Lol

Is there some kind of hospital for this? I think maybe I should be admitted.  

I want to lie to you and say I went home and had a nice smoothie or something made of fruit, and well I kinda did… Sort of:

DIRECTIONS: “Healthy Raisin Bread with Melted Dark Chocolate and Fresh Raspberries”

Semi-toast your favorite bread in the toaster. Add dark chocolate chips and place on a baking sheet.  Put under the broiler until just melted, remove, and top with cold raspberries!

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